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Naish S25 7.2m Wing
Naish S25 7.2m Wing

Naish S25 7.2m Wing

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The Naish S25 7.2m Wing is a fantastic light wind wing.

Simple pump up and go design offers excellent power and performance.  

Features of the S25 Wings:

- luff strut for balanced power and luffability

- moderate diameter leading edge for wing rigidity

- deep profile for increased power

- simple to set up and use

- window panels

- integrated grab handles

- kevlar leading edge reinforcements

- shark teeth trailing edge dispersing canopy flutter

-bladder lock secures bladder ends and prevents slippage

- one point inflation system

- surelock valve

- high tensile seam

- SUP paddle attachments

- integrated wrist leash

- bag and air max pump included

This is a fantastic price for a light wind wing.