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Ensis Rock n Roll 97L
Ensis Rock n Roll 97L - enquire to order
Ensis Rock n Roll 97L - enquire to order
Ensis Rock n Roll 97L - enquire to order

Ensis Rock n Roll 97L - enquire to order

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For anyone who wants to dance on the water. Based on the revolutionary concave outline combined with a compact shape, the ENSIS ROCK’N’ROLL offers exceptional stability and control when starting in choppy water, when accelerating onto the foil and when flying. The innovative shape provides high maneuverability and supports unlimited actions in the air. Landing in water the wide nose enables smooth nosedives and then you’re back up foiling again before you know it. Highest quality construction for best performance.

Ultimate stability in the water

The engineered wide nose and tail give you the important stability to get started or to wait for wind even in the choppiest water. The perfectly distributed volume supports you in your balance.

Early planing and easy pumping

The wide tail allows you to step into the back strap before you start and stays nicely balanced in the water. The tail kick bottom breaks the surface tension and allows the board to rock up quickly.

Easy acceleration and lift-off

The V-shaped, double concave bottom helps you accelerating. The bevelled rails ensure an easy lift-off.

Control and high maneuverability

Once you accelerate and fly, the concave outline and the compact shape keep the board going in the desired direction. The concave deck shape gives you all the control you need. Dancing unlimited.

Easy landing and take-off

After a jump or a touchdown, the wide nose with its nose kick enables easy landing and pops you back up on the foil.

Light and robust

The Custom Carbon Sandwich Technology offers everything you need: a light yet robust construction. Challenge your limits.

Other features:

Comfortable pad with tail kicker

The grooved diamond deck pad with tail kicker gives you a perfect grip and control.

Convenient carrying

The ergonomic handle on the top of the board ensures a convenient carrying to the beach.

Footstraps options

For all riding styles, 1:1 or 2:1.

Foil position options

Adjust your foil in the double US foil box depending on your weight, riding style, wind conditions and wing foil configurations. The more in front, the more lift you have.

 Rock n Roll 97L
Length 160cm
Width 70cm
Thickness 12.1cm
Volume 97L

Other sizes may be available on request