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Axis Broad Spectrum Carve Foil package
Axis Broad Spectrum Carve
Axis Broad Spectrum Carve

Axis Broad Spectrum Carve (BSC) Complete Foil Package

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The Axis Broad Spectrum Carve Wings are easy to ride Wings with a good amount of performance embedded into the design.  Perfect for all round riding including entry level riders.

This package is a great first foil for Wing Surfing with very early lift, butter smooth riding, good speed range and great turning for their size.  It has everything you need to set the foil up on the board.  


Axis BSC 1060 Carbon Hydrofoil Wing (1060 x 200, Actual area 1803 square cm, aspect ratio: 6.51)

Axis Freeride 440 Carbon Rear Hydrofoil Wing (440 x 90mm)

Red Fuselage - short length - 680mm

19mm Aluminium mast 75 (750mm)

19mm Foil Base Plate 

Fuselage to Mast adaptor/doodad 

Axis Stainless Steel Screw Set and toolset, anti seize lubricant

Aluminium Mast and Base Plate cover.

In stock from the 27th April

Wellington Wing Foilers ask about our Welly Foilers discount. (must be local to apply)