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Xtreme Imports Kapiti

3 n 1 Kids Kick Scooter

3 n 1 Kids Kick Scooter

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A Versatile 3 n 1 Kids Kick Scooter.  

A Push Along, a ride on and a scooter.  Suitable for approx ages 18-24mths to 6yrs.

A fantastic introduction to scootering and for littlies that want to be like older siblings.  The addition of a seat and handle to this tilt to steer scooter lets younger children experience the excitement of scootering before they have mastered the real thing.  

Please note this is a tilt to steer scooter (front wheel tilt steering). This is most effective as a scooter.  As a push along there is no steering with the back handle  Steering can be achieved by gently lifting the back wheel.  As a ride on they may become confident leaning to steer or lifting the front wheels to scoot around.

Adjustable handlebar height:  650 - 750mm.  Width:  255mm.  Length:  580mm.  Width of Deck:  145mm. Length of deck:  580mm.

3 n 1 Kick Scooter Assembly Instructions

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