Wellington Wing Foiling Locations, Waikanae Beach

Access to Waikanae Beach can be at the Estuary Car Park. This is best in a Southerly wind as the wind is cleaner (less Gusty) coming across the Estuary (instead of over the Dunes further North). There is a bit of a walk from the Car Park to the Beach.  

There other handy beach access is in the car park next to Waikanae Boat Club at the end of Waimea Road.

Waikanae Beach is a Northern extension of Paraparaumu Beach past the Waikanae River and Estuary.  It curves NW so may be less Gusty in a North East wind. It works well in NE, N and NW winds. Westerly winds are very gusty due to Kapiti Island.  South West winds are brilliant as there is often calm water.  A Southerly wind may work at the Beach near the Estuary. It is cross offshore.  

 We have enjoyed many SW sea breezes in late Summer, with calm water and steady afternoon wind.  These are ideal conditions for learning.  

 Like Paraparaumu Beach the tide can cause fairly strong currents.  So be aware that if the tide is going out and the wind is blowing in the same direction it will feel like there is less wind on the water.  If there is plenty of wind it is not a problem.  Of course it can also have the opposite effect if it is wind against tide it will feel like there is more wind on the water.  

Wellington Wing Foil Location, Waikanae BeachWellington Wing Foil Location, Waikanae Beach


Wellington Wing Foil Locations, Waikanae BeachWellington Wing Foil Location, Waikanae Beach