Wellington Wing Foilers Location Guide, Balaena Bay

Wind conditions here are the same as Shark Bay but this location has more/better parking & rigging and has toilets/changing.  Works in N to NW wind.  The more North the cleaner the wind.  

The Launch spot is sheltered so requires a swim out from the beach past the carpark to the wind line.  Wind can be swirly and messy close to shore, but it’s less of a drive around than Shark Bay.  Can work in S wind too but beware as its not far to the main harbour/shipping lanes if something goes wrong in a S wind. 

OK for learners in a northerly direction (not southerly) just don’t go out too far until you can confidently go upwind. 

Wellington Wing Foiling Location, Balaena Bay

 Wellington Wing Foil Location Guide, Balaena Bay