Wellington Wing Foil Locations Guide, Plimmerton Beach

Plimmerton Beach is across from Onehunga Bay, and is suitable for Wing Foiling in Southerly Winds.  

We parked at the start of Steyne Ave and carried our gear down through the access way to the beach. There is also a side street further along (Queen's Ave) that may be easier to park in with beach access.  

The day we were there was a bit sheltered close to shore and the wind got a lot stronger as we headed out.  It is a beautiful spot for Winging!  

There is a pesky sandbar about 50m off shore that you will need to get past if it isn't high tide. 

There may be a current in the channel, so be aware of tides.  It is better on an incoming tide in a Southerly wind (reduces the risk of getting dragged to far down wind)


Wellington Wing Foil Locations, Plimmerton BeachWellington Wing Foil Locations, Plimmerton Beach