Day 6 and Keeping it Honest!

Day 6 and Keeping it Honest!

A Northerly was forecast for today so we were hoping for a nice familiar Waikanae Session.

Equipment: Naish 7m Wing, Naish Hover Ultra 125L

Location: Waikanae Boat Club

Wind: 7-10 kts NW

We arrived at Waikanae at around 2pm and jumped excitedly out of the car to find approx only 8-10kts. There were a couple of Kitefoilers out but they looked to be having trouble keeping the kites flying and relaunching looked difficult.  I was pleased I didn't have to worry about that!

First tack out was SLOW. The tide was going out so the current was running South (with the wind) which takes about 3 kts out of the power of the wind.  The sea was a bit choppy as well.

I did a few very slow tacks (not on the foil) and decided that was enough.  I am lucky that I am light and have a good volume board to learn on so I was able to practice balancing/standing on the board holding the wing in very light wind.  I am hoping all this balance practice will pay off long term.  

I was tempted not to post today but I am keeping it honest. It all counts towards the final goal,  Getting up on the Foil!

And just look at the day. It was a blue sky day and it was so nice being out on the water (even if it felt like I was stationary at times)

Until next time 

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