Day 5 and a Sneaky SouthWester

Day 5 and a Sneaky SouthWester

The Weekend was calm and despite our best efforts trying to find wind we didn't manage to get out on the Water.

But I noticed a weak South West Wind was predicted for Paraparaumu and if the land warms up enough sometimes this can drag in a stronger sea breeze.  It was still a little light (7-10kts) but with the Big Wing I was keen for some more practice. 

Equipment:  Naish Wing 7m, Naish Hover Ultra 125L

Location:  Paraparaumu Beach Northern End

Wind: 7-10kts

The first outward tack was SLOW!  I was a bit puzzled as the wind felt ok and I was standing and feeling confident with the Wing.  Turning around and tacking back to the shore felt better, but still no hint of getting up on the Foil.  When I jumped off as I got close to the shore I discovered there was quite a strong pull out with the outgoing tide.  (Hence the slow outward tack). The good news was I was travelling upwind well, even without getting up on the Foil.

I had a good session tacking out and back, and getting really comfortable with the board, standing and holding the wing.  Even trying to slide my front foot back to encourage the foil to lift.  But I suspect I was still travelling just a little too slow.  I did play around a bit with Wing positions and did find there is a Sweet Spot to get the Maximum out of the Wing.  I felt as though the Wing was most efficient slightly forward and front tip a little down. Minding not to bury the tip.  

All in all A Great Fun Session and I feel sufficiently tired.

The big question is when will I get up on the Foil!  Do I just need a bit more speed or am I going to need to encourage it as well with some foot positioning and Ollying.  I had a little go at this today but felt there wasn't enough wind to feel totally stable doing.



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Thanks Bruce. We have a 3.6 and a 4m Wing as well but as the wind was so light I had a go on the 7m. Surprisingly it isn’t a lot wider than the 4 so was manageable in the light wind. I am enjoying the learning curve so far much better than the kiting learning curve. I would imagine you will find it quite familiar as a windsurfer and also having already foiled. I think the foiling is the part I will find tricky.


Hi Annette – great to read about your progress, I’ve got the gear but haven’t started yet as I windfoil and find it hard to let go of something that I enjoy to try something that is challenging. My only comment is maybe you need to bear away more downwind to get enough speed, the wing needs speed, not wind to fly. I have a 5m wing, I’m impressed you are on 7m!

Bruce Spedding

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