Day 4

Day 4

It is Friday (today) and I have been watching the wind all week!

A Steady Northerly has been forecast approx 10-16kts.  Sounds perfect to me. I have spent most of the day dreaming about getting up on that foil.  

We get to the beach at about 1pm and find a gentle 4-5kt wind.  

Equipment:  Naish Wing 7m 2020, Naish Hover Ultra 125L

Location:  Paraparaumu Beach North

Wind:  5kts

When my partner ordered the 7m wing (a big size) I didn't ever expect to use it.  But I was so eager to get on my new board today that up it went.  I was a bit wary of how I would manage such a large wing (with a wrist that is still very weak), but it was no trouble at all.  But the wind and the tide was working against me today as the wind was weak and the current was running South making the wind even less effective.  I managed to stand and cruise along but there was no chance of getting up on the foil. 

I cruised up and back a few times with walks back up wind in between.  This was really good for balance practice on the board.  But I am definitely ready for more wind.  Maybe tomorrow. 

Forecast 12-23kts NW (1.2m swell)!!!  

Video of 7m Wing at Paraparaumu North Beach in light winds



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