Day 3 and a long walk

Equipment:  Naish Odyseuss SUP, Naish 4m Wing (v1)

Location:  Paraparaumu Beach Northern end

Wind: SE 7-9 kts 

The wind was a bit light today but I am feeling so confident after my first 2 sessions I was keen to have another go.  My first run was a slow tack out towards Kapiti Island.  The wind was light but I was moving so I was happy. 

I haven't managed a turn yet and the wide large volume SUP is making that a challenge so I knelt down and somehow got the board to turn while on my knees.  But to my surprise when I turned to go back to shore I was heading straight to Waikanae!  What was I doing wrong?

For starters I was toe siding. Somehow by going down on to my knees and then standing again I was holding the wing to my back. (this will be handy to do when up and on the foil, but wasn't intentional today and meant I was running off the wind quicker, instead of driving the board upwind). I realised this and did a quick switch of the feet.  But I was still heading to Waikanae.  

I jumped off and turned back tacking out with the hope that when I tacked back I would line up with Paraparaumu side off the estuary.  BUT then the wind dropped and the current was running North so I was barely moving.  

Hmmmm. I was a fair way off shore and wondered how I was going to get back to shore.  I lay down on the board and put the wing under my legs and had a go at paddling in.  That was going to be a very slow and tiring process.  

There was only one thing to do.  I got back up and tacked all the way to Waikanae pushing as hard upwind as I could. It was going to be a loooooong walk back.  

I had a really good run to shore and came in about 2-300 m North of the Waikanae Estuary.  I jumped off the board, loaded the wing on it and started the long walk back to Paraparaumu side.  

Lesson learnt!  Be wary of light winds, currents and the potential for a long walk back to base if things don't go to plan.  I had someone watching me the whole time and even walked all the way up the beach to meet me half way!

No photo today. Too much walking to think about it!

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