Day 20 and its starting to feel real!

Day 20 and its starting to feel real!

We worked Sunday so we could have some time off today to get some more foil practice in.

Location:  Paraparaumu Main Beach

Equipment:  Naish Matador 5m (then switched to 6m), Naish Hover 225L, Naish Jet 1650

Wind: 9-11kts 

We chose Paraparaumu Beach today as it was going to give us the calmest water in a Northerly Wind.  Unfortunately it was an outgoing tide so the tide was running with the wind, effectively taking some power out of the wind.  It also meant it was hard to stay upwind, so there was a bit of walking today!

After a few runs on the 5m Wing, and a few walks back up wind after struggling to stay on the foil and stay upwind, I switched to the 6m. This was amazing.  I had some good runs out and felt as though I was directing the board upwind.  It was amazing to stay up on the foil for longer runs and feel as though I had some control over where the board was going, and also a bit more control of the foil (height and touchdowns). Coming back to shore was harder so it appears my best  direction is Goofy (left foot back). There is always one direction that feels better and more natural than another.  

There is still so much to improve on but to get to this point feels pretty amazing!

Another Fun day on the water and big thanks to Stafford for the video!

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My Journey to Wing Foiling day 20



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