Day 2

Day 2

After the Buzz of Standing on the SUP and using the Wing I was keen to get back out there ASAP. I should mention this is a journey I am lucky enough to be sharing with my partner who is an excellent kitesurfer but also sees the advantage of being able to wing in conditions that aren't suited to Kiting. 

The mistral board was too small for him to feel stable on and practice wing control so for our second attempt we took a bigger volume SUP. 

Equipment:  Naish Odyseuss Soft Top SUP, Naish Wing 4m v1

Location:  Paraparaumu Beach North

Wind: approx 10-12kts SE

The Rule when Kitesurfing is never go out in an offshore wind as if anything goes wrong and you need to self rescue an onshore wind will blow you back to shore (using your kite as a sail).  This isn't as important with Winging as you are on a larger board and don't have long lines and a kite to deal with.  It should be possible to tack back to shore in cross off winds. A totally off shore wind isn't a good idea when learning. 

So going out in the water in a cross off-shore wind was a new experience for us.  We live close to Paraparaumu Beach North end.  This is where we chose as our spot today.  The bigger board was great as it was so easy to stand up quickly and gave me more time practicing the Wing control and power.  The Odyseuss is a wide outline board and has channels so it drove upwind well and I managed to hold position. (almost, maybe just a small walk back up the beach) 

Another successful day!


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