Day 19 and it was the Best Session Ever

Day 19 and it was the Best Session Ever

A Southerly Wind was forecast for Kapiti today so we headed to Waikanae in the hope of finding some reasonably calm water and wind.  It was very light in the proximity of the Waikanae Boat Club, but we could see the wind out on the water. We drove down to the Estuary area in the hope that the wind would channel through the Estuary.  This proved to be the case and we measured approx 9-11kts S.

Location:  Waikanae Beach, Waikanae Estuary Car Park

Equipment:  Naish Matador 6m, Naish Hover 125L, Naish Jet 1650

Wind 9-11 kts S

It is a bit of a walk from the Waikanae Estuary Car Park to the beach, but today it was worth it.  After rigging up we were worried the wind felt like it was dropping but we headed out in the hope that it would pick up again.  The first run out felt good.  I had moments on the foil but was wobbly.  Coming back to shore felt better and the runs on the foil were longer.  The wind was picking up but I was still having trouble staying on the foil heading out.  I was falling over toeside and couldn't seem to correct this.  Stafford was also out on a 6m and I saw him go back in and change down wing size.  That was my cue to do the same.  He had kindly pumped up the 4m, taken it for a quick run and decided he wanted the 5m. So the 4m was ready for me (thanks babe!). 

It was so good after that.  The 4m was the perfect size and I was getting good runs out and back.  Still falling a lot but getting more and more time on the foil.  Foot position is critical and the feeling of weight distribution while up on the foil is something that you have to experience over and over until muscle memory kicks in.  It is starting to happen but it still feels quite surreal.  I can't wait to get back out there again to make sure I am really doing it!

Big props to Stafford who has had a lot less time on the water than me, but managed to get on the foil a lot today too!  Its so good to be able to share the experience!

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My Journey to Wing Foiling Day 19

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