Day 18 and its starting to come together!

Day 18 and its starting to come together!

We spotted a light South West Wind forecast on Windfinder for this afteroon, and were somewhat hopeful that it might be stronger than predicted.  

Location:  Paraparaumu North Beach

Equipment:  Naish Matador 4m (then 3m), Naish Hover 125L, Naish Jet 1650

Wind:  17-23kts SSW

Wow!  The wind cranked in this afternoon way more than we were hoping for.  It was side shore at Paraparaumu North Beach and this was the calmest spot.

As I was setting up the 4m Wing I felt the wind increase and was in 2 minds about changing to the 3. But I stuck with the 4 and out I went.  I was well powered with the 4m and was getting up on the foil with ease for very short runs.  There were so many falls!!!  But each time I got up I was getting more and more control and even managed to get up, touch down and keep going.  The wind was stronger than expected and the water was choppy so conditions were challenging.  But it was so good to be getting the time on the foil.  

Eventually I decided the 4m was making it hard so I swapped to the 3m. What a difference that made.  My next run on the foil felt so good.  And while I am not in total control and always stop with a fall, it is starting to feel like I am getting the hang of riding the foil.  (for short runs anyway)

Definitely my best session so far. 

My Journey to Wing Foiling day 18

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Thanks Laurie. It was challenging but so good! See you when we are at Waiky next.


You did amazingly well as conditions were less than favourable & very gusty to say the least. Keep it up.


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