Day 17 and a new location

Day 17 and a new location

After getting a little frustrated with the Wind at Paraparaumu Beach last session we thought we would try another spot.

Location:  Paekakariki 

Equipment:  Naish Matador 3m, Naish Hover 125L, Naish Jet 1650

Wind:  8-22kts SE

It was a beautiful blue sky day when we arrived and set up.  The wind was cross offshore and a little gusty.  The water looked Gorgeous and the Sun was shining.  My first taxi out was a little bumpy but good.  Some brief moments of lift on the foil as I came back in.  I was getting used to the bumpiness and finding my feet.  Then there were moments of no wind!  (the problem with wind coming over big hills). I had a few more practices out and back and then the wind spun more offshore.  So I was running almost parallel to the beach.  I had some cool moments on the foil and at one stage got up, then bounced back down and stayed standing on the board.  (quite an achievement for me!). There were of course the usuall falls off, and I have learned to try and jump away from the board when falling after catching the foil on the back of my wetsuit and tearing it.  (also a few bruised ribs from going over forward on the board).  I did end up a way downwind due to the wind change but the walk back was pleasant.  

After thinking about my sessions I am progressing ok, but I don't yet have control when up on the foil and my runs are short.  I am in the habit of letting the wind and speed of the board lift me onto the foil rather than pumping the Wing and Board.  We were joined by a practiced Wellington Foiler today and he made it look so easy!  

Already looking forward to my next session as each time I feel like I am spending a fraction more time on the foil.  Big Props to Stafford for catching one of those brief moments in the below photo!  It almost looks like I know what I am doing!

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