Day 16 at Paraparaumu North Beach

Day 16 at Paraparaumu North Beach

We attempted to go out yesterday, but after setting up the wind died, so I only managed one taxi out and struggled back!  So disappointing as it feels like ages since I have been out.

Location:  Paraparaumu Beach North

Equipment: Naish Matador Lt 3m, Naish Hover Ultra 125L, Naish Jet 1650

Wind: 12-20Kts

We were hoping for a good session today. (Sunday). The forecast was for SSE Wind.  After checking out a few spots we decided on North Paraparaumu Beach.  The Main Beach was really choppy and didn't look any fun for learning.  North Beach was calmer but the wind was a little more fickle as a bit more sheltered.  But as we set up it felt good.  I managed to get going and felt some great puffs of wind coming through.  My first run out and back I got some lift on the foil, but didn't go far before falling off.  This was a good start though and I was keen to keep this up to get the practice balancing on the foil.  I was really starting to get into practising my runs, and then the wind turned and was almost straight off-shore, and dropping out significantly at times so I was almost at a standstill  That was making it difficult as each way I went wasn't going to get me back to my starting position.  

I managed to get back to shore a fair way downwind, and had a slow walk back to the car.  I have had this happen in this location before so need to be really aware of what the wind is doing at all times.  It doesn't take much for it to drop out or change direction.  

It is a shame as it felt like a good spot to learn in the SSE/SE winds.  As Paraparaumu Main Beach gets so rough.  

I am really keen to get back out there to get more time practicing on the foil. Unfortunately similar wind is forecast all this week, so we may need to suss out another spot.

Bring back Summer and Seabreezes!

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The nice thing about Pram is that the coast curves enough that you should be able to find just the right combo of smooth water and not so gusty wind. I just got there too early this morning. Chilly and uninviting!


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