My Journey to Wing Foiling

Day 12 and a lot more wind!

A Good Southerly was forecast for today.  It can get rough at Paraparaumu Beach in a Southerly so we weren't sure whether we would get out today.

Location:  Paraparaumu North Beach

Equipment: Naish 3.6m Wing, Naish Hover Air 170L, Naish Jet 2450 Foil

Wind:  16-26kts S

It was Rough at Paraparaumu Main Beach so we went to North Beach.  Even though the Southerly wind is a little more offshore along North Paraparaumu Beach the calmer water was appealing.  

Today was a challenging day.   We were hoping the Naish Inflatable and large foil would get me up and foiling quickly.  But the photo below says it all! 

There were a lot of crashes!  Mostly I felt like I was going over toe side.

I felt quite overpowered, and while the board did want to lift quickly it was all too fast and I wasn't in a lot of control.  My takeaway thoughts were I was getting pulled over with the strong wind.  Perhaps if I had my front foot further towards to the heel side edge of the board I could have counteracted this somewhat.  I also felt the wind was getting under the board and perhaps today wasn't the day to use the big inflatable board.  With the benefit of hindsight I couldn't help but think I would have been better with the 127L Carbon and the 1650 Foil.  But maybe it was just too much wind for the Wing.   (3.6 is the smallest we have at the moment).  Or maybe it is just all part of the learning process.   

I am expecting a LOT more FALLS as the foil starts to lift out of the water.  Hopefully persistence will pay off.   

Now that I have reflected on this I can't wait to get back out there again!


my journey to Wing Foiling day 12My Journey to Wing Foiling day 12


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