Day 11 and very light wind

Day 11 and very light wind

Another light South West Wind was forecast for this afternoon in Waikanae.  Could we be lucky enough to have a repeat of the sea breeze that came in last week.  It looked promising so we packed up and headed to the beach.

Location:  Waikanae Beach

Equipment:  Naish 7m Wing, Naish Hover Air 170L  (yes 170L)

Wind: 8kts SSW

We weren't so lucky with the wind today.  As we arrived a kite had just fallen out of the sky as it was too light.  But it was a beautiful day and last week the wind filled in nicely.  We were still hopeful it was going to today.  

We pumped up the New Naish Hover Air (170L) for its Maiden Voyage.  This board isn't for me but I was encouraged to try it out and see how it felt.  

The first tack out was ok given the light wind.  The inflatable board felt great.  It sits high in the water and made me feel like it was almost wanting to lift out even in the very light wind.  A few more knots of wind and I think I would have been up on the foil.  

It was a downwind run today due to the light wind.  

I can highly recommend a large volume inflatable board when starting out in this sport.  It was so stable and feels like it will get up on the foil well. But that needs another day to find out.  

Looking forward to the next session.  We may be fighting over the Inflatable Board!

My Journey to Wing Foiling day 11


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