Day 10 and more Fun on the Water!

Day 10 and more Fun on the Water!

A Southerly wind was forecast for Paraparaumu today and we were hoping for another Southwester at Waikanae.  But I had my suspicions this wasn't going to be the case.  A quick check at Paraparaumu Beach before lunch showed a gusty South East Wind.  We did some chores, had lunch and came back for another look after that.

To our surprise the wind was strong and it was cross shore at Paraparaumu Beach.  It was a lot more wind than I have winged in before and it was choppy, rough water.

So we decided to go home and get Kite Gear.

Location:  Paraparaumu Beach

Equipment: Naish Slash 7m, Naish Alana Twin Tip Board

Wind: 18-22kts S

It has almost been a year since I last kite surfed (the zip on my 7m kite had seized). I can't believe it has been that long.  

I was a little tentative at first but it came back to me pretty quickly.  I had a blast out there and enjoyed getting some speed up and popping easily over the choppy water.

So while it doesn't really count as my journey to Wing Foiling I was so excited to be back on the kiteboard.  It's great to have the flexibility to choose the sport for the conditions.  I will be back on the Wing Foil Journey the next light wind (or cross offshore) day.  

My Journey to Wing Foiling. A kitesurfing interlude

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