An Overdue Update

An Overdue Update

I can now Wing Foil!

I have had a few sessions since I last updated the blog, and can now say I am wing foiling.  I am getting good runs out and back and if the conditions are right am getting up on the foil consistently.  I am not turning yet, and can feel that will be a challenge and there is Still lots of room for improvement but it feels GREAT!

We have made a few trips up to Foxton Estuary.  The reason behind this is the flat water (doesn't get as chopped up as Paraparaumu and Waikanae Beach) and it works in a South Easterly wind. It also works in NW, W and E winds.

The thing to watch at Foxton is the tide.  The first day we where there the tide was outgoing with a Southeasterly wind so was wind with tide.  This made it difficult to stay up wind.  I was blown downwind on my first run, and a little after that but still had a great session.  

We have also been there in a NW wind. It was our best session yet as the water was the calmest water we have been in.  The wind blows over the dunes to make it cross off.  

If you are interested in this amazing sport feel free to ask me anything I may (or may not have learnt along the way). 

What did help me greatly was working out the correct Foot position.  It took me a while to realise how critical foot position on the board is.  Even now if I am having trouble getting going I will look to my feet and see one foot isn't quite in the right place.  A small adjustment usually helps a lot.  I first started with both my feet along the centre line of the board.  This made it very difficult to stop the board from leering toe or heel side.  I now realise the front foot needs to be towards the heel side of the board and the rear foot with the heel on the centre line.  The rear foot over the foil mast, and the front foot adjusted forward to help you trim the foil as soon as you feel the lift.  (this probably seems obvious to most!)

Anyway if you are thinking about it I say do it!  It is an amazing sport to learn and enjoy. 

Video link to Wing Foiling at Foxton Estuary

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