Journey to Wing Foiling. Introduction

Journey to Wing Foiling. Introduction

A New Year and a New Adventure!

I learned how to kitesurf about 6yrs ago but haven't managed to get out as much as we would like over the last few years (largely due to work commitments).  It also needs a lot of things to fall into place.  Finding the right conditions on the right day with no work and family commitments has been a challenge.

When foiling came along it opened up more opportunities as now you could go out in lighter winds.  But I wasn't sure if Kite foiling was my thing.

So once I started seeing people getting into Wing Foiling I thought it look liked something that I was keen to try.  Unfortunately a Run in with an Electric Skateboard (that is a story for another day) meant I was in a cast for 6 weeks over Summer and then in recovery for another 6-10.  


The time is now!

Mr, My Foil Board and Wing


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